Jazzy Passport

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport power wheelchair is a great lightweight product for your everyday travel. What is great about the Pride Jazzy Passport is the great lightweight design.

The Jazzy Passport power chair weighs only 60 pounds total with a removable 7-pound lithium battery pack. This brings the overall weight down to 53 pounds. The night slim and compact design will allow you to fit this power wheelchair in the back of just about any vehicle on the market today.

The Pride Mobility Jazzy electric wheelchair has an incredible turning radius. The Pride Jazzy Passport wheelchair is safe for airline safety and meets requirements of the FAA and TSA for personal mobility devices to travel with.

The removable lithium battery is placed in your carry on baggage and the rest of the will go in the bottom on the plane in a safe and secure area. The total weight capacity is 250 lbs. FDA Class II Medical Device