Alenti Height-adjustable bath chair

Alenti is designed to enable a single caregiver to manage the full bathing cycle while maintaining ergonomically sound working postures throughout the task.

Alenti enables a single caregiver to collect the patient or resident from their bedside or wheelchair and transfer them directly into the bath and back again. Alenti can also be used for showering, toileting and other hygiene tasks, reducing the number of required transfers for daily hygiene care routines.

With Alenti, the patient or resident can remain securely seated as they are transferred in and out of the bath tub, thus reducing the risk of falls.

Designed to be operated by a single caregiver

With a wide stroke range to suit a variety of resident heights. Comes with built-in soft start function.

Back rest
Provides additional support and can be mounted on either side of the Alenti seat.

Anatomically designed seat

Weight and dimensions
Length mm 1010 mm
Length in 39,75 in
Width mm 640 mm
Width in 25,25 in
Weight kg 72 kg
Weight lb 159 lb
Total width (incl. side supports) mm 640 mm
Total width (incl. side supports) in 25,25 in
Lifting stroke (hydraulic) mm