Bolero Height-adjustable bath trolley

Bolero is a height adjustable bath trolley that can be used for transporting, transferring in and out of the bathtub and bathing dependent residents in reclined or fully lying position.

Designed to support the bathing workflow
The height adjustable stretcher features a padded and thus comfortable lying surface. It enables a single caregiver to safely and efficiently transport a resident directly from the bedside or bathroom into the bath, and back again, without the need for manual lifting or additional transfers. Thus, providing an efficient and more ergonomic alternative to in-bed bathing.

Symmetrical design and foldable mattress
enabling flexibility Bolero has a symmetrical design, enabling either end to be used as a backrest, depending on the orientation of the resident’s bed. Along with the foldable mattress facilitating storage, Bolero offers flexibility and ability to be adapted for different resident, caregiver and facility needs.