Protekt Protopia™ EXP

he Protekt Protopia™ EXP “Expandable” Ultra Low Long Term Care Bed is the most versatile, dependable & cost-effective bed in its class!

Features and Benefits:

  • Lowest position of only 7″ helps to mitigate injury from accidental roll outs!
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction.
  • 8 function hand pendant.
  • Auto contour function.
  • Pair of quarter rails or assist bars and head & foot boards are included.
  • Integrated tool free width and length extension.
  • Bumper bar protects walls from damage.
  • Corner mattress retainers.
  • Quick release head and foot boards.
  • (8) 3” casters: 4 locking and 4 swivel.
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Warranty:
    • 5 Years on Electrical Components 
    • 15 Years on Frame (1 Year on all other parts)


Extensive Travel Range: 7″ – 31″
Expandable Width: 36”-42”-48”
Expandable Length: 80″-84″-88″
(3) Color Options: Mahogany, Amber Cherry & Oak
Bed Rail Options: Quarter Side Rail, Pivot Assist Bar, QBar Assist Bar & SoftTouch Swing Rail


Model Description
PMLTC36EXP Protekt Protopia™ EXP “Expandable” Ultra Low Long Term Care Bed


Item # Head/Foot Board Color Rail Types 
PMLTC36EXP No H/F Boards No Rail
PMLTC36EXP-MGY Mahogany No Rail
PMLTC36EXPQR-MGY Mahogany Quarter Side Rail
PMLTC36EXPQB-MGY Mahogany Qbar Assist Bar
PMLTC36EXPPR-MGY Mahogany Pivot Assist Bar
PMLTC36EXPSR-MGY Mahogany SoftTouch Swing Rail
PMLTC36EXP-CHRY Amber Cherry No Rail
PMLTC36EXPQR-CHRY Amber Cherry Quarter Side Rail
PMLTC36EXPQB-CHRY Amber Cherry Qbar Assist Bar
PMLTC36EXPPR-CHRY Amber Cherry Pivot Assist Bar
PMLTC36EXPSR-CHRY Amber Cherry SoftTouch Swing Rail
PMLTC36EXPQR-OAK Oak Quarter Side Rail
PMLTC36EXPQB-OAK Oak Qbar Assist Bar
PMLTC36EXPPR-OAK Oak Pivot Assist Bar
PMLTC36EXPSR-OAK Oak SoftTouch Swing Rail
ITEM # Full Description
PMLTCQRAIL Quarter Side Rail f/ LTC Bed (pr)
PMLTCQBAR Qbar Assist Bar f/ LTC Bed (pr)
PMLTCPRAIL Pivot Assist Bar f/ LTC Bed (pr)
PMLTCSRAIL SoftTouch Swing Rail f/ LTC Bed (pr)
ITEM # Full Description
PMLTCHFBEXP-MGY Head & Foot Boards f/ Expandable LTC Bed – Mahogany
PMLTCHFBEXP-CHRY Head & Foot Boards f/ Expandable LTC Bed – Amber Cherry
PMLTCHFBEXP-OAK Head & Foot Boards f/ Expandable LTC Bed – Light Oak