ROM Knee Brace

Promote healing and help prevent further injury by stabilizing and supporting the Knee. The Coretech ROM Knee Brace fits most adult leg sizes with an extension range between 18” to 23.5”. Anti-slip lining and aluminum alloy wearing over or under clothing easy and light.

Easy-to-use locking dial, choose from an extension of 30° to -10° and flexion of 30° to 90°. A controlled range of motion between 120° to open flexion and 90° to 0° of extension helps provide the support needed for a more stable healing process.


Universal Size
Fits left and right leg.
Push-button adjustable struts in 0.75” increments.
Can be worn under or over clothes, also can be slept in.
Length range: 18” – 23.5”
Adjustable flexion:
90°, 70°, 40°, 30°
Adjustable Extension:
30°, 10°, 0°, -10°


What’s Included:
1 ROM Knee Brace
Colors: Black
18.5 x 7 x 3.5 in (LxW x H)
Thickness: 0.75 in / 0.19 cm
Weight: 2 lb
Materials: Aluminium alloy, PP plastic, Nylon, Polyester.
Latex-free: Yes