Stand Assist Transfer Disc

Experience seamless and safe transfers with the Vive Stand Assist Transfer Disc, designed with comfort and ease in mind. This innovative device boasts ergonomic handles and padded knee rests, ensuring both caregiver and user comfort during transfers. Its unique slip-resistant turning base and smooth swivel disc allows for effortless pivoting and movement, reducing strain on caregivers and enhancing safety for all involved. The knee rests are adjustable, making this transfer disc suitable for individuals of any height, promoting enhanced mobility across various settings. Thanks to its built-in wheels, the transfer disc is not only portable but also easy to store, facilitating smooth transitions between rooms or seating arrangements. Ideal for those needing assistance with standing or sitting, this transfer disc is a versatile solution to mobility challenges, offering a more comfortable experience for users and caregivers alike.


  • Ergonomic Handle For A Comfortable Grip

Ensure safe and streamlined transfers with the Vive Stand Assist Transfer Disc. This device features ergonomic handles for greater support, as well as padded knee rests and a slip-resistant turning base. With a variety of contact points, you can grab this transfer disc from any angle, making it ideal for individuals of any height.

  • Adjustable And Padded Knee Rests

With comfortably padded knee rests, this transfer disc allows the user to gently rest their knees while they are being turned or transferred. The adjustable mechanism allows you to change the height of these padded rests, to ensure that individuals of any height can enjoy enhanced comfort and enhanced mobility in any setting.

  • Smooth Swivel Disc For Easy Turns

The smooth-swivel design makes it easy to turn and pivot a patient or family member in one smooth movement. This helps to alleviate the weight and strain placed on caregivers and ensures the safety of both individuals. Move to different rooms or change seats with ease with this portable and versatile stand assist transfer disc.

  • Portable With Built-In Wheels

With built-in wheels, this transfer disc can be easily transported to different locations and easily stored when not in use. Simply tilt the weight of the user towards you and push for a more streamlined and comfortable way to change environments. This stand assist transfer disc is also great for those who require assistance when standing or sitting.

  • Color(s): black

  • Product Dimensions:

    • Disc – 15.5” diameter

    • Height – 50”

    • Knee Pad height – 4” to 21” heigh

  • Product Weight: 20lbs

  • Product Material(s): Steel

  • Latex free: yes

Care: gently wipe with dry rag