ZEN-O LITE portable oxygen concentrator

This device isn’t just light, it’s the quietest portable oxygen concentrator in its class. Maintaining an active and fuss-free lifestyle is easy thanks to a carry weight of just 2.5kgs (5.5lbs) and low-noise operating ceiling of just 37dBA.

Zen-O lite™ is a truly portable solution that delivers up to 1050ml of oxygen a minute in a self-regulating pulse mode. It comes with all the travel essentials, including a discreet carry bag and a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 4.5 hours. Zen-O lite is compatible with GCE’s Clarity Connected Care platform, a remote monitoring service that provides device information for home oxygen providers, friends and family.

Rate Responsive Therapy (RRT)
Zen-O lite™ automatically responds to a patient’s breath rate. For example, if the patient climbs some stairs and the device detects the need for more oxygen, it automatically increases the amount delivered to ensure they remain saturated.

Flexibility To Go With The Flow
Weighing just 2.5kg (5.5lbs), the Zen-O lite™ offers lightweight portability, which means patients can carry on with their lives unrestricted. With its intuitive buttons and clear LCD display, many of the ultra-reliable Zen-O lite™ is simple to operate in all kinds of environments.

Suitable for Air Travel
The Zen-O lite™ portable oxygen concentrator is FAA-approved for use on board aircraft, having passed all relevant compatibility tests. Each unit comes with a label confirming conformity to FAA acceptance criteria, and the user can also carry an unlimited number of spare batteries as per FAA regulations.