3 in 1 Step-Down LSO

The Coretech 3 in 1 Step-down LSO is a versatile orthopedic device that delivers exceptional support and stability to the lower back and lumbar region. With its unique step-down design, this brace can be utilized as a 637631, or 627 back brace. Caters to a variety of spinal conditions and individual preferences. The anterior section offers firm rigidity to stabilize the abdominal area. The posterior section provides moderate support to the lumbar region.

Through controlled compression and immobilization, it effectively reduces excessive movement and promotes proper spinal alignment. The 3 in 1 Step-down LSO Back Brace features adjustable straps for a personalized fit, breathable materials for enhanced comfort, and a discreet profile, making it an ideal solution for those seeking pain relief, post-surgical recovery, and improved posture in 637631, and 627 configurations


Universal Size
From 25” to 68” waist


What’s Included:
1pc Step Down LSO (1pc 627 back panel, 1pc 631 back panel, 2 side panels)

Color: Black

Weight: 2.4 lb
Materials: Nylon oxford cloth, Brush cloth, Foam, ABS plastic, PP Plastic
Latex-free: Yes