Trend Quick Form SI

The Trend SI Belt is a low-profile and lightweight sacroiliac orthosis that mitigates pain by restricting movement in the SI joint. The Trend SI Belt improves load transfer in patients with SI joint dysfunction and is constructed with materials conducive to long-term wear, allowing patients to experience extended relief.

  • PDAC Approved Codes

    • L0621
  • Key Features

    • Low profile and lightweight design
    • Provides pelvic-sacral support
    • Reduces motion about the sacroiliac joint
    • Padded belt maximizes patient wearability and comfort
    • Trend TX2 No Grip closure for patients lacking hand strength
    • Universal size (XS-3XL); (22- 60″)
  • Indications

    • Postpartum symphysis pubis dysfunction
    • Piriformis syndrome
    • Hip, pelvic, and upper leg pain
    • Low back pain
  • Sizing Guide

    • Universal (XS-3XL); (22- 60”)
    • 10” Extender panel is available for patients needing an excess of 60”